Kin-search - 10 quick tips to steps to set you on your way

  1. Inform all your family members - you have embarked on discovering YOUR family history
  2. Accept every document or photograph you are offered
  3. Write down everything you know – names, places, customs and traditions
  4. Write down everything you are told – names, places, customs and traditions
  5. Collect photographs and documents
  6. Interview surviving relatives, starting with the most senior
  7. Have relatives identify documents and identify photographs
  8. Visit cemeteries – gravestones provide genealogical information
  9. Read about the towns and countries you know or have been told about
  10. Make your first draft of your family tree

    Contact Kin-search and our expertise will help you:

    • discover your past
    • piece together the fabric of your family history
    • connect you with newly discovered family members
    • break down brick walls