Oral History

What is Oral History?

Oral history is one of the key methods of preserving your history for future generations by interviewing family members. It is a compilation of data through interviews, usually recorded and sometimes videotaped, with those who have first hand knowledge of an event.

Why is Oral history so important in family research?

By interviewing your family members you will hear a living account of their experiences. You will hear about their personal life histories, and at the same time, you will learn about significant people and events that played a part in your common past. Their personal histories will supplement the documents and archival material you have already found. There will be surprises and you will be lead to places and hear information you never knew was part of your family history.

Kin-search will assist you with interviewing family members

  • Kin-search will draw up a unique questionnaire.
  • Kin-search will carry out the interview for you.
  • Kin-coaching will coach you on how to carry out the interview on your own.