You have embarked on a research project to trace your family history. You would like to carry out the research on your own and not employ the services of a professional researcher. You have encountered obstacles and only need guidance and recommendations. Kin-coaching can assist you.

What is coaching?

The ultimate goal of coaching is to help individuals develop a structure that helps them achieve success.

What is Kin-coaching?

It is coaching within the framework of genealogy, providing the family researcher with the individual assistance of a professional researcher who facilitates your research and helps you achieve success.

How can Kin-coaching help you?

With our vast genealogical experience and coaching expertise, we will define the goals, create a plan of action and assist you with your research. We will help you access the data you seek in order to augment your research, or solve the problem you have encountered.

Should you wish to carry out an interview; Kin-coaching will assist you in drawing up the questionnaire and coach you on how to carry out the interview on your own.

How does Kin-coaching work?

Kin-coaching sessions can be done in person, by telephone or email. The number of sessions will depend on the size and scope of the project. Distance and location provide no difficulty: wherever you may be, today’s technology has broken down boundaries and made our global environment much smaller, bringing us all much closer together.

Contact us, we will review your research project together, point you in the right direction and propose strategies for your success.