Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is genealogy?

    Genealogy is creating your own family’s chronological record, giving you the opportunity to learn about your history, your family and your traditions.

  • What is genealogy research?

    Genealogy research, similar to any research, is a process. It is a detailed study of a subject with the purpose of discovering new information about your family through archival and historical research. It is discovering and deciphering documents, contacting archives, interviewing and writing up your discoveries.

  • What is a professional genealogist?

    A professional genealogist is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG). He / She has access to a large body of knowledge necessary to carry out professional research. As you would expect of professionals, Kin-search will conduct your family research professionally thoroughly and present your research results fully and accurately in a well-organized professional manner.

  • What should I look for in a professional genealogist?

    Someone with research experience. Someone who believes in accountability and respect. Most importantly someone with whom you feel comfortable.

  • How can a professional genealogist help me?

    You have reached a dead end in your research or are working on a project which is too large for you to come to grips with. Now you need the experience of a professional. As an amateur genealogist, you know that records exist, but you have no idea where to locate them or how to obtain them. A professional genealogist can locate and decipher documents, can assist you in overcoming obstacles, interviewing and discovering and reconnecting with lost relatives. The professional genealogist will augment your research and build your family tree.

  • Is genealogy research very time consuming?

    Yes, it is. It involves many hours in archives and libraries, searching [surfing] the net and contacting archives around the world and following up leads. Kin-search has the tools to do this for you.

  • How long can a research project take? How do you charge and how much will it cost me?

    Each case is unique. Consult Kin-search and we will discuss your needs and goals and then be able to assess the time span and cost.

  • What is Kin-coaching?

    There are research projects that you can do on your own without employing the services of a professional researcher. Kin-coaching will help you facilitate your research by phone, by mail or face to face. Kin-coaching will guide you through your research project.

  • How do I know whether I need a professional genealogist or a kin-coach?

    Consult Kin-search with your genealogy project. We will review the project together and decide whether you are able to carry out the research on your own or, if you require the assistance of a Kin-coach to facilitate your research.

  • Can I learn anything from family members?

    Most certainly! Oral history is an important way of preserving your history for future generations. Interviewing family members is one of the key methods to learn about your family. Kin-search will draw up a unique questionnaire. Kin-coaching will coach you on how to carry out the interview, or we can carry out the interview for you.

  • What do I do with old photographs and documents?

    Keep them all. Have them restored. They are an invaluable source of research. They are your history.

  • I have found a page of testimony at Yad Vashem what is the next step?

    Contact Kin-search. We specialize in research in the archives of Yad Vashem and in documentation from the International Red Cross Archives (ITS) in Bad Arolsen. Through this specialty, we have succeeded in locating Holocaust survivors all over the world by synthesizing data from books and publications, as well as Holocaust archives and the documents of the ITS.

  • I don’t speak the languages of the countries I am researching, how do I decipher documents and letters?

    Send us your document, and we will translate it for you. Kin-search has a team of translators who can assist you.

  • Can you assist me in writing up my family history?

    Yes. Kin-search is able to write and edit a publication for you. We will carry out primary research in libraries and archives and integrate the information you have: oral history interviews, photographs and documents. This will result in the publication of your family history.

  • I would like to arrange a family reunion: I need to locate family members. Can you assist me in finding them and also organizing the reunion?

    Kin-search will help you to locate your family and also assist in planning your family reunion. We will help you make your project a success.