You are planning to write a manuscript, a memorial book or an article, or have been invited to give a lecture.You require information.

While you focus on the core issues relating to your project, as your virtual assistants we will assist you with researching data you require. We will augment your research and provide you with the historical background information on the places you are researching and the biographical and/or genealogical information you may require for your project. We specialize in Holocaust research.

However, our research is wide-ranging. It is not limited to a single geographical area and we conduct research on a variety of topics. Situated in Israel, we have access to a large number of archives. Europe is on our doorstep and we are therefore able to travel to other locations to retrieve information to supplement research. We are able to translate the research findings into a number of languages.

Kin-search will carry out:

  • Historical Literary Research
  • Genealogical Research
  • Biographical Research

We present our research in a clear and well-organized manner and cite our references both fully and accurately.